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It's been a busy few days, and I did get bullied nagged encouraged in Chatzy to produce a con report.  Basically I was told I could have no more mojitos until one was written.  So, short and sweet! *g*

But here's the proper one.
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A charming thing this morning.  LJ blocked my ip address and I couldn't access it on my laptop or my tablet.  Not sure if it was fixed or not, I they sent a message saying that it was temporarily unblocked as it was spoiling the fun for us legitimate users, but that it might get blocked again in the future.  Very distraught, though I did turn off my modem for a while to hopefully get a new address - don't know if that worked as I was unblocked by LJ when I went back on.

Worse, I turned on Twitter, and I've missed Mary Berry opening the new Friends Coffee shop at hospital this morning (which is a nice little walk for me, and the fact I would go past the local branch of Bath Bakery would have nothing to do with how good this would be!). She might have brought cakes!  I didn't know it was on, and the wretched bus goes round the hospital every single morning (often to pick up smelly people, but we won't go into that, those of you on Facebook know how distressed I get when I can't breathe on the bus!).

I've had a flu jab and it has been something of an anticlimax.  I thought everyone was supposed to get ill.  I didn't even get a heavy arm.  Well, no heavier than usual.  I feel sort of cheated.

I may have to bake something later to cheer myself up.
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Okay, I've wondered this for a while, but I have [ profile] goldarrow staying and she doesn't know either.

So, all you brains out there  WHY are there wrestling stars at SF conventions?  I keep seeing them announced as guests on the Comic con twitters (btw, I'm imaginatively Clea2011 on twitter and put out at least two tweets a year) and I just don't understand why.  If people want to see them, why don't they go to WWF cons?  What is the connection?  Please tell me, I want to know.

Also, has anyone got a good meme?  Because you know, I was going to use this for some memes this year and I haven't. 
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This is particularly for deinonychus_1 and everyone else who likes pie and/or vodka.  Well, it made me laugh anyway :-)
Jan. 10th, 2014 11:56 pm


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The fandom stockings have been revealed.  I used them to fill the rest of my bingo card.  The poor individuals who received said strange horrors (aside from the one or two who had fairly pleasant fics) are probably wondering 'what the heck' because I forgot to put in a note to say what I was doing.

Because one or two are... um... odd, I have to post them separately rather than in one big post.  So, I'm sorry.  9 separate ficlets are about to fill your flist.  Do NOT read the Becker/Jess sentient body hair one.  Seriously, don't.
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2013 Writing Meme Stolen unashamedly from [ profile] fififolle

Happy New Year, everyone!

I'm copying Fifi's meme because I'm far too unimaginative to think up one of my own.

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